Bone cancer victim (20)

Bone cancer victim, 20, lies in the dress and make-up she selected for her COFFIN after making her last wish to ‘die beautiful’


  • Racine Pregunta died after a battle with osteosarcoma on April 17
  • Her final request was to ‘die beautiful’ and was carried out by her family
  • Pictures of her in her coffin in a white dress show her wish had been granted
  • Her sister Rolyn said Racine ‘now sleeps beautifully forever’

A young cancer victim has had her final wish to ‘die beautiful’ granted.

Racine Pregunta, 20, from Davao City, in the southern Philippines, died last week after a battle with osteosarcoma.

As she knew her last days were approaching the young woman decided to make plans for her funeral.

Racine pictured in her coffin at her funeral last week

The 20-year-old is prepared before her funeral. Her final request was to ‘die beautiful’

Among these plans she had one main request, to die looking beautiful.

Now heartbreaking images of Racine in her coffin have confirmed her wish has been granted.

She is pictured lying in a white coffin, wearing an off-the shoulder white dress and floral headband with impeccable make-up.

Every detail was planned by Racine herself and carried out by her family.

Her sister Rolyn Pregunta said Racine said on April 12, five days before her death to bone cancer, that if she was to die, she wanted to ‘die BEAUTIFUL’.

The request was a reference to a famous Filipino film in which a transgender woman dies while being crowned at a beauty pageant. The character’s final request was to be dressed up as a different celebrity on every day of her wake.

Rolyn said her sister, who had done modelling shoots in the past, requested a ‘personal make-up artist’ to prepare her for the funeral.

She also wanted to wear something violet, blue and mint green.

And last week she was buried on top of her father’s burial plot.

Racine pictured before falling ill to bone cancer
The details of her funeral were planned by Racine and carried out by her family
Posting the pictures of Racine on Facebook, her sister Rolyn wrote: ‘Racine who now sleeps beautifully forever’

Posting the pictures of Racine in her coffin on Facebook, Rolyn wrote: ‘Today, request fulfilled and there all I see is you, smiling.

‘On the way to the sunset, friends and family gathered and bid their last farewell to Racine who now sleeps beautifully forever.

‘You will always remain in our hearts.’


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