Love Your Sister: Connie Johnson and the Great Heart

Duration: 23min 43sec

Love Your Sister’s Connie Johnson is a mum of two – she’s Canberran, courageous, competitive and for the past 7 years she’s been battling breast-cancer. She’s having to stop treatment but before she says goodbye is going out with a ‘Last Hoorah’.
On the 10th May she, along with the vast village that have supported her, will attempt to break an (unofficial) world record and continue to raise money and awareness of early detection of cancer.

They’re wanting to raise $1 million dollars in the ‘Big Heart’ on the Lyneham netballs courts. All your pesky problematic 5-cent coins are needed to make the heart – so start collecting, donating and bring it along to pour into the wishing well, or drop it into a Bendigo Bank.

This is her competitive side shining through – her brother Sam Johnson broke a record as part of the Love Your Sister Campaign when he rode a unicycle around Australia.

She joined ABC Canberra’s Lish Fejer to chat about the journey so far and how the 5-cent pieces, which seems like small change, will make this Big Heart and her last hoorah.

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