KFC Serves Up New Tabasco-Marinated Fried Chicken in Australia

If you’re like me and think Tabasco is the king of hot sauces, then this fried chicken is going to be your new fave.

KFC Australia recently launched a new fried chicken that gets soaked in a Tabasco hot sauce marinade for 24 hours before getting fried up. Each $5 lunch or bucket of chicken you get also comes with a packet of more Tabasco for some extra fire.

Colonel Sanders’ restaurant is no stranger to the spicy chicken, with Zingers and Nashville Hot Chicken being some of the spicy flavors they’ve already dropped across the United States. However, this is the first time the restaurant has teamed up with the iconic hot sauce and used it for its chicken.

If you really want to get a taste of this new Tabasco-Fried Chicken, you’ll have to bound into a KFC in Australia before May 15th when LifeHacker reports it will be taken off of the menu.

Hopefully it does really well down under and influences KFC to serve its Tabasco Chicken out here in the United States. With all the Tabasco lovers we have out here, it would definitely be a huge hit.

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