People are making a BIG FUSS about this ad for pink kitchen gadgets!

Kitchen appliance brand KitchenAid has found itself in hot water over an advert on its website featuring pink products.

The ad, which featured the products under the caption “KitchenAid For Women”, was tweeted by writer Hazel Davis, who said it was an example of sexism, and it wasn’t long before others agreed.

KitchenAid has since apologized for the ad, saying it didn’t mean to cause offense.

The brand added that the pink products are designed to raise awareness of breast cancer, with some of the proceeds going to a breast cancer charity.

Following feedback, the company is in the process of removing the ad in its current form.

Some questioned whether the ad was actually an early April Fool’s prank.

“I sort of like how this implies that kitchen supplies are typically for men,” wrote one Twitter user.

And, others expressed their disappointment with the brand.

KitchenAid responded to Davis’ criticism, stating that the color pink had been used as “a symbol of hope” and to raise “awareness to find a cure”.

Not everyone took offense at the ad, however.

“Pink for women ranges are invariably breast cancer related. Don’t be so quick to take offense,” wrote one Twitter user.


“Nowhere on the ad, until you looked much further, did it say anything about the charity, it was just a sea of bright pink with the words ‘for women’ which I am so, so, so sick of seeing.

“Why does everything to do with women have to be pink? Why can’t I care about cancer awareness and buy red items?”

In response to her tweet, KitchenAid UK tweeted Davis to say pink is a “symbol of hope,” but she’s not happy with that response.

“If that’s the case, why isn’t it for men as well?” she questioned.

“Moreover, these items are not cheap by any stretch, so it’s extremely unlikely you’d buy a ‘novelty’ pink item as a charity endeavor.

“Therefore, the idea that it’s a special range is a bit iffy. It’s clearly been marketed in the same old ‘women like pink’ mould. Yawn, yawn, yawn.”