Twitter’s got jokes about this weird, outdoorsy photo of Donald Trump, Jr.

So, Hillary, sure, but, would you ever want to run into Donald Trump, Jr. in the woods? Well, it could happen: He, uh, apparently feels super at home there.

On Saturday, the New York Times Styles sectionpublished a profile of the younger Don that discusses, among many other things (ahem, that time he got arrested for public intoxication) his love of the great outdoors.


Already, plenty of people are criticizing the piece on Twitter for normalizing Trumpwho, remember, is apparently not above Holocaust jokesbut it’s also achieving internet notoriety in another way. You see, the article features a photo of Trump in which he, ever the outdoorsman, is sitting on a stump.

It is a funny photo. And Twitter thinks so, too.

See you in the forest, Donny!

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